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WELCOME to the world of Cosmos Enterpirses - most probably the fastest growing Pakistani company, importing hospital / medical / scientific / laboratory equipment, devices and instruments, outlined below:

  • Orthopaedic Implants/Instruments
  • Rehabilitation Aids
  • Stainless Steel Hospital Hollowware and Sterilizers
  • Autoclaves
  • Microscopes
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Shadow less Lamps
  • Surgical Rubber Goods
  • Diagnostic Instruments
  • Surgical Needles
  • Medical Disposables
  • Lab Equipment
  • Suction Units
  • Weighing Balances
  • Anesthesia Products

The possibility of procuring over 500 products from one source only results into a big saving of precious time as well as money, particularly when a large number of the offered products are CE marked. During the recent times, it has grown not just bigger, but much better also in respect of the low prices of quality products, supplied within a convenient delivery schedule, and not ignoring the requirements of packaging and packing. While many of the items are manufactured by us, others come from small-scale manufacturers, producing exclusively for us, in our brand name (or without a brand name), and under our quality control system. Conscious efforts are constantly made at Cosmos Enterprises to develop a long-term relationship with its customers, vendors, bankers, staff members and others. The professionally managed company, observing higher business ethics, is committed to the quality of its personnel, products and services. It is big enough to meet very big requirements and small enough to meet very small requirements. In fact, the customized, individual and varied requirements are a source of pleasure for our dedicated workers. As a result, the Cosmos Enterprises customer base gets stronger constantly. You are also cordially invited to the ever-expanding world of a responsible, responsive and customer friendly organization working with which brings not only profits but pleasures also. Please visit our website and send your inquiries including those related to tenders, indicating your expectations which, you will discover, are realized in the best of our traditions. The literature will be sent gladly. We want to ‘see’ you among our large number of satisfied and happy Customers.